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June 29, 2011
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     "Look at all the tomatoes!" You giggled at the Italian man's excitement. You were with Romano and both of you were at a tomato farm, ready to pick some juicy tomatoes. "____________, look at this one. Oh and this one." You watched as Romano touched and admired several different tomatoes, "I think I'm in heaven!" You started picking some tomatoes and putting them in your basket, "Well, these tomatoes are nice…" Romano inched closer to where you were picking yours, "Um, thanks for coming with me, by the way. That stupid Spaniard was too busy napping to come along and I didn't want to be alone…" You smiled, listening intently to the Italian. "Besides, I thought of asking you to go with me first. I just like being around you for some reason."
     You smiled at him, "Thanks Romano. I've never been tomato picking, it's-" Your face went from happiness to disgust. You waved your hand up and down, realizing you had just brushed a spider web. Romano looked at you with concern, "What's wrong, _________?" You shook your head, "Nothing, I just got this spider web on my hand. I must've picked it up when I was picking tomatoes." Romano frowned, "Where are you spider web? How dare you mess with, __________! I will make you wear a fake moustache if you don't show yourself!" Romano spotted the web and with his left hand cleared it, "Haha! Got you." You rubbed the back of your head, "W-was that really necessary Romano?" He laughed triumphantly, "Of course! It's okay, you're safe now, __________!"
     You gasped as you saw there was a huge spider crawling up Romano's left arm. "U-um, Romano…? L-look at your arm…" You pointed to his left arm, Romano froze, "My arm…..? Oh my-" Romano started jumping up and down trying to get the spider off. When he finally did he grabbed your hand and you started running down the acre you were already in and into another one. Out of breath both of you put your baskets down and your hands on your knees. You burst out laughing and so did Romano, "That was so funny! Your face was priceless." Romano did an imitation of his own frightened face, making you and him laugh more.
     You grabbed Romano's shoulders and kissed his cheek. He looked at you in surprise, "W-what was that for, ____________?" You smiled, "For rescuing me from that evil spider, you silly Italian!" He touched his cheek, his face burning. "Um, n-no problem. Oh and I was just faking my fear, I wasn't scared of that spider at all." You giggled and picked up your basket to start picking tomatoes again. Romano jumped up as if surprised, "W-wait, __________!" You looked at Romano, "What is it?" Looking down at his feet and blushing Romano said, "…Maybe we should hold hands…Y'know, in case the spider comes back?" You smiled and put your basket on the ground. "Sure, Romano." He grabbed your left hand and gave it a squeeze before you both got back to picking tomatoes.
So this is what, the most requested guy ever? It seems OOC for Romano though, I'm hoping it's not but it seems like that to me. Yeah this one seems lame. That's right, I'm the girl who points out all her writing flaws before you guys can, so there.(Don't list anymore it will kill me. JK, do whatever.) :XD:

If you can write a fan-fiction that mentions tomato more than I did you get a cookie. :cookie:

The personification of South Italy/Romano, Lovino Vargas and Spain and his lazy ass(Y U NO GO WITH ROMANO?), Antonio Carriedo© Hidekaz Himaruya, creator of Hetalia Axis Powers(AKA the most addictive drug ever)

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samlovesitaly Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
ill make you were a big mustache XD i died at that partRomano (Mustache Laughs) [V1] 
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DAW so Adorable!! :iconsocuteplz:
proud-hetalian Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012
i love this! XD the bad thing is, is that i could just see his face if a spider was on him! XD
Blue-Divine Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
HiraSaru Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Student General Artist
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huh,ive never read any stories like these before...what are they?
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Adorableeeee! :D :D :D :D :heart: :D :D :D :D
Gotta love them Italians c:
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